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The Unofficial XaAES Page
News Articles About this page..
Welcome to the unofficial XaAES page!
XaAES is a graphical user interface for FreeMiNT, and is the natural successor to Atari's MultiTOS. While not being an official support page for FreeMiNT/XaAES, this website sets out to offer information, screenshots and downloads. Furthermore, the forum is regularly visited by developers, so post your feedback and suggestions there!
2010-09-14 Conholio 0.8 released
A new version Conholio has been released. For a thorough list of changes and additions, follow the link below.

Download Conholio here >>
2010-07-12 Conholio 0.7r released
Another binary of the console project Conholio has been released. This time it's all about bugfixes, and these might be the most significant changes:
  • Now works with fVDI in 24/32 bits colour
  • Bell sound won't cause nasty crashes anymore
  • And many other smaller tweaks and fixes..
Since Conholio is in beta many things are still largely untested, so you use it on your own risc.

Download Conholio here >>
2010-02-25 Conholio 0.5b released
PeP has just added the finishing touches to his console project Conholio. The aim is to supply a console that can offer a siginificantly faster performance than that of Toswin. In addition to this you will also notice that Conholio can do some things that other consoles can't. Such things include eg. full screen display and some experimantal eye candy. The author lists the following additions since last beta:
  • Cursor! Yay!
  • New VT102 terminal back-end, written from scratch (feedback is needed)
  • VT52 compatibility mode (depreciated, but it's there)
  • Better handling of colours & attributes
  • Faster rendering
  • Smaller memory footprint
  • Different font heights
  • Different terminal sizes
  • Xterm style mouse support (try 'lynx -use_mouse')
Conholio is developed specifically with XaAES in mind but chances are it is useable under N.AES as well. The memory footprint might be considered high (probably a couple of Mb) but this is intentional - speed has the higher priority over memory useage. Since Conholio is in beta many things are still largely untested, so you use it on your own risc.

Download Conholio here >>
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