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Sparemint Artwork

If you like the logos on the Sparemint site you have the opportunity to download the full-sized images from this page. Please note that just because you don't have to throw coins into your machine's disk slot doesn't mean that the images on this page have no copyright (unless otherwise stated). Nobody will sue you if just use the images but we would consider it an un-unfriendly act if you cared to notify the copyright holders if you use their work.

Why GIF?

It is our wish to keep this site GIF-free. The Portable Networks Graphics format PNG should be the first choice for image files on the web whenever the lossages from JPEG files are undesirable. The Sparemint site has all necessary tools for processing PNG files ready for download.

Unfortunately the most common WEB browser available for MiNT cannot display inlined PNG and so we have to close our eyes and use GIF until this situation changes.


JPEG has the big advantage that even large images compress very well. But the format is lossy. If you want to further process an image you should download the PNG version instead.

You can view (and download) full-size versions of all images by clicking on the thumbnails. Clicking the left thumbnail will lead you to the JPEG resp. GIF version, clicking on the right thumbnail will produce the PNG version of the image.

Complete Directory

The images directory of the Sparemint site provides all graphics used. You will also find some variations of the images shown here, either in format or in size.

sparelogo.jpeg sparelogo.png

Sparemint Logo

This logo was created by Katherine Ellis. The connaisseur will recognize immediately the influences of Pieter Brueghel sen. and Johann Sebastian Bach. However the artist knew how to spice up these historical roots with a melange of opalescent surrealistic effects in a most provocative manner. Although this outstanding piece of art only dates from 1999 it is already considered to belong to modern classics in computer graphics.

powered.gif powered.png

Powered By FreeMiNT

An early work from the eclectic period of Guido Flohr. The contrast between the most tender brush strokes that the MiNT leaves are composed of and the powerful stems of the letters lend and unnatural strength and force to this chef d'œvre. The simple yet most convincing text "Powered By ... has become proverbial and has led to a true inflation of Powered-By-Logos that can be found all over the internet today.

snapshot.jpeg snapshot.png

Photo Gallery

A lot of people have asked us for photographs of the two founders of the Sparemint project Frank Naumann and Guido Flohr. But, alas, celebrity makes shy and although there are certainly people on the black market that would give a fortune if only they could get hold of a photo of their idols it is deemed impossible among photo journalists all over the planet to get these two brave guys in front of their lens. Surprising enough that only recently a veritable army of the world's leading paparazzi has managed to take this exciting snapshot of the two lads after chasing them from their appartment on 5th avenue all the way down to Broadway where they thought they could spend some of the zillions of their Sparemint royalties in disguise. Lean back and enjoy!